Causes of Alcoholism      

Causes of alcoholism can be identified and when seeking treatment causes of alcoholism can help relieve feelings of blame and shame. Causes of alcoholism have been proven to be genetic in some cases, inherited from parents or grandparents. In other cases causes of alcoholism include the over abuse of alcohol until drinking no longer becomes a choice. This lack of choice stems from a change in the brain and body that become part of the causes of alcoholism. These physical causes of alcoholism create abnormal thinking patterns and personality characteristics.

The top expert associations and treatment facilities in the medical, psychological and behavioral communities have agreed for years that alcoholism is a disease. Like any disease it can be encouraged by environmental and cultural factors. Particular diets of meats and fats have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Over consumption of sugar and lack of exercise can lead to diabetes and continual abuse of alcohol is one of the causes of alcoholism. On the other hand you have individuals who run 10 miles a week, don't smoke and eat right who still develop lung cancer or have heart attacks. These individuals most likely inherited a predisposition to the disease and no outside environmental force was going to change this fate. Same with alcoholism, if a drinkers parent or grandparent is an alcoholic, often they will sense that they are able to drink more than their friends. This immediate tolerance is not an asset to the pre-alcoholic who finds that he or she must drink more and more to receive the same effects that once took only a couple of drinks.

Some other causes of alcoholism are found in people who simply lack a certain amount of impulse control. Such personalities naturally want to feel good but have difficulty with delayed gratification. Scientists have identified the frontal brain lobe for much of this activity. For these personalities compulsive drinking is a habit out of control as they begin to use alcohol to escape from pressures and pain of daily living but can become consumed with drinking. It doesn't take long for social, family and job related problems to develop from the erratic behavior that drinking causes. The inability to meet obligations and criticism over drinking often can be used as excuses to drink even more. Certainly this cycle becomes difficult to break and spirals downward for millions of people every year. Alcoholics often excuse their excessive drinking by hanging out with other alcoholics or binge drinkers. Usually the causes of alcoholism are a combination of many of the factors described.

Happily there are many treatment facilities and organizations that specialize in recovery despite the causes of alcoholism. Florida rehab centers address the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of the disease of alcoholism.

National Treatment Referral is such an organization that can put you in touch with a treatment facility that will serve your individual needs and desires. No matter what the cause of alcoholism, anyone with a drinking problem understands that they don't want to suffer with the consequences drinking has caused. Alcoholism is fully treatable and manageable but it takes work and a good program for recovery.

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