Effects of Alcoholism      

Effects of alcoholism can develop quickly and the effects of alcoholism always harm more than just the alcoholic. Effects of alcoholism cause the body and mind to change. Effects of alcoholism often disrupt careers. Effects of alcoholism always disrupt family and friend relationships. They can start mild or be serious from the beginning but effects of alcoholism always get worse.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease of the mind and body. This fact has been widely accepted by the American Medical Association for many years and has been studied intently. It is understood that the effects of alcoholism can be passed down genetically from previous generations or can be developed through persistent abuse of alcohol. Whatever the reason, the effects of alcoholism are painful, difficult and fatal but are treatable through alcohol intervention and rehab. Alcoholism is defined as an addiction to the continuous use of alcohol. If you have tried to stop or control your drinking and found that you could not, you are probably alcoholic. If you continue to drink despite suffering consequences such as loss of family, friends, property, job or privileges, you are probably an alcoholic. Here are few of the physical effects of alcoholism:

stomach and intestinal problems
poor diet and weight loss
Liver problems such as swelling
Pain in the side or back from kidney problems
blackouts, unable to remember drinking episodes
shaking, delirium tremens

Like all diseases, the effects of alcoholism get progressively worse if left untreated by detox centers. If someone knew that they had diabetes but pretended they didn't and continued to eat recklessly causing insulin shock and comas, you would think them foolish for not seeking help. It's the same with the alcoholic who ignores that he or she has a disease that cannot be controlled. Here are some of the psychological effects of alcoholism.

learning difficulties
memory difficulties
impaired judgment
shame and guilt

These effects of alcoholism cause many problems with family and friends as they feel hopeless and frustrated that they cannot seem to help. Many do not understand that alcoholism moves beyond choice and willpower and becomes an uncontrollable compulsion to continue. The body develops a physical craving for alcohol often more powerful than the hunger to eat. The mind obsessively thinks about drinking and ways to get a drink and control drinking. Friends and family can't help but feel they mean little to the alcoholic who always seems to choose drink over their happiness. Friends get fed up and move on, family, if they stick around, fight and argue often to cope with the stress of the situation. The effects of alcoholism have destroyed many relationships.

Earlier it was mentioned that alcoholism is treatable. Like the disease diabetes, alcoholism can be effectively treated through medical and psychological intervention. National Treatment Referral can recommend the most effective treatment facility to suit your needs. If you are calling for a loved one, we can help you with that too. The damaging effects of alcoholism can be reversed but treatment is much more effective the earlier it is treated. Give us a call today.


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