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The goal of National Treatment Referral is to help anyone who seeks treatment for their alcohol abuse problems. If you are tired of having problems and suspect that drinking is the cause, we can put you in touch with a facility that can help you recover. Perhaps it is a loved one who is having difficulty dealing with alcohol or even admitting that there is a problem, we can help with that too.

For the last 5 years we have referred thousands of men, women, teenagers and elderly to treatment centers across the United States. Many have successfully treated their problem drinking and have gone on to enjoy a life they tell us is beyond their dreams. Fortunately treatment doesn't even have to be freely sought to be effective. National Treatment Referral has set up hundreds of interventions of once unwilling individuals who have gone on to successful enrollment into a treatment program and long term sobriety.

This service is completely free and the phone call is always private and confidential. We have set up this comprehensive site to immediately address many of the questions you might already have such as:

What are the causes of alcoholism?
What are some of the alcoholism signs?
What are the effects of alcoholism?
What are alcoholism symptoms?
What is teen alcoholism?
What is alcoholics anonymous?

You are sure to have other questions and National Treatment Referral is the only phone call you need to make to have them all answered then followed up by action to solve the problem.

National Treatment Referral is dedicated to helping those suffering with alcohol and drug abuse. Give us a call for a private consultation or send our number to a friend who needs help.


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