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Teen alcoholism is defined by continuously having five or more drinks at a particular occasion but teen alcoholism is often not taken as seriously as it should, and teen rehab is often not considered. Teen alcoholism is often excused with "boys will be boys" or "she's getting over her boyfriend." With all the pressures our youth are exposed to, teen alcoholism is a behavior pattern that needs to be identified early to avoid serious consequences. One of the first hurdles is to stop thinking that teen alcoholism can't be a problem because young people aren't alcoholics. This is not true, whether the influences are genetically passed down from parents or develop from social and coping pressures, teen alcoholism is very real and affects millions of teens every year.

Survey's show that 80% of high school seniors have had a drink in the last month. Over two million of those drank alcoholically. Teen alcoholism is a disease of the mind and body that develops from continued abuse of alcohol. Many teens drink because their friends do, it is available at parties and it helps them relax in social situations. Others drink because they feel bad and drinking eases the pain. Drinking to escape problems and denying a drinking problem are often signs of teen alcoholism.

Alcohol is very easy to obtain and two thirds of teenagers report that they buy their own alcohol despite that it is illegal. Alcohol is a drug that alters the mind and body but it is also accepted by society and gets a positive message from the media and promotions that glamorize alcohol usage. Its not surprising that young people get confused by this mixed message but few fully understand that alcohol and other drugs are the leading causes of death and injury among teenagers. Teen alcoholism is not a "phase" or temporary condition. Teen alcoholism, is alcoholism and is a progressive fatal illness when left untreated, but treatment programs are available. Teens often start experimenting with alcohol around 13 and early use of alcohol is an indicator of a future problem with alcohol.

If you or a loved one is drinking for any of these reasons, there may be a problem with teen alcoholism and treatment should be sought.

drinking alone
drinking when upset
drinking to feel high
drinking while driving
drinking despite physical problems
drinking more to feel the same effects
drinking to cope with emotional problems

Increased tolerance is an indicator of a predisposition to a drinking problem. Teens who can drink more than their peers, who can "hold their liquor" need to be especially careful about alcohol abuse.

If you or a loved one has a problem with teen alcoholism, or is just suffering from increasing problems that may be related to alcohol or drugs, there is a solution. National Treatment Referral has access to recovery centers and treatment facilities with specialized programs for teenagers. Call us today to find a facility that can speak directly to a teenagers needs. The earlier teen alcoholism is caught the more successful the treatment and recovery. Don't delay, call today.


Facts and figures related to teen alcoholism quoted from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence


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